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We created Studymaniac to be a place for studying together and unfold the full potential for teachers. Therefore we have to ensure some guidelines.

Only create materials on Studymaniac that do not infringe copyright! A few guidelines:

  • Do not upload slides from lectures
  • Do not copy tutorial/exam tasks exactly
  • Do not steal content from competing offers

2. customizability

All materials on Studymaniac should be easily customizable.

  • please do not upload PDFs if possible, but use our document editor instead
  • Create videos in the video editor

This helps us to be able to automatically translate any content into all languages of the world later, so that your content can potentially help millions.

3. exercises

Exercises are super important for exam preparation and must always be created with a detailed solution!

  • It is best to create the solution directly in the solution editor
  • only upload photos of handwritten solutions if necessary -> TOOD: HERE LINK

4. videos

As a rule, videos should not last longer than 5-6 minutes, as studies show that attention wanes dramatically afterwards. Sometimes it cannot be avoided (but should be the exception). If videos are too long, it is best to try to divide them into several parts that can stand on their own.

5 Blocked content

Of course, all explicit content is not allowed on Studymaniac.